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Welcome to the Italian Cheese Organization

The Italian Cheese Organization passionately promotes knowledge of Italian dairies across the world, allowing to discover, taste, learni and network directly with producers.

  • A Catalog of all Italian cheeses produced in Italy, with images and information in Arabic, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Russian and many more.
  • A dedicated Dairy Support Tool for Italian cheese producers to open to the world economically and effectively.
  • An Educational Source providing courses and blended programs for individuals and professionals willing to acquire a better understanding of the varieties of Italian cheeses or to trade them in their own countries.
  • A Dairy Network allowing global importers, restaurants and wholesalers to buy Italian cheeses directly from the producers with support in their language
  • A Local Gastronomy Discovery Portal where members can browse and enjoy a wide variety of gastronomic experiences organized by region, cheese and much more
  • A Local Communities empowerement tool
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Discover over 800 of original and locally produced Italian cheeses. Eaten by Caesar, Raffaello, Marco Polo, Leonardo, Columbus, Italian cheeses have traditions that often date back over a 1000 years

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Taste Experiences

Food production is an essential part of culture.
Discover methods, habits and customs with locals help to fully enjoy your stay in Italy.

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Register for free to buy original Italian cheeses directly from producers, Food is like fashion, copies are not like the originals !

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Browse and import from specific producers

Restaurants, importers and traders can purchase Italian dairies directly from producers at no extra cost.

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