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Welcome to the Italian Cheese Organization



Worldwide known for its fine wine and cuisine, Italian food culture is intimately linked to the art of cheesemaking since the beginning of time.

However, despite their fame, only few of the over 800 Italian cheeses are known outside of Italy.

The Italian Cheese Organization passionately promotes knowledge of Italian dairies across the world, allowing to discover, taste, learni and network

  • A CATALOGUE of all Italian cheeses produced in Italy, with images and information in Arabic, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Russian and many more.
  • A dedicated DAIRY SUPPORT for Italian cheese producers to open to the world economically and effectively.
  • A DAIRY NETWORK allowing global importers, restaurants and wholesalers to buy Italian cheeses directly from the producers with support in their language
  • An EDUCATIONAL SOURCE providing courses and blended master programs for individuals and professionals willing to acquire a better understanding of the varieties of Italian cheeses or to trade them in their own countries.
  • A GASTRONOMIC PROMOTIONAL PORTAL, offering tour guides the opportunity to promote their courses and tasting experiences of Italian cheeses in their region of stay

Welcome to the Italian Cheese Organization

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Italian food holiday insurance from world nomads